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Texture Coating in Lakeland, FL

Are you in the market for stucco repair Lakeland Fl or the surrounding area?

Then you need the services of a reputable stucco repair contractor in Lakeland, who specialize in stucco services, including texture coating, for its central Florida area customers.

Why You Need Stucco Repair Specialists

​Central Florida stucco homes bear the brunt of continual intense sun and heat, along with high winds and driving rain that come with tropical storms. Damage to stucco is common, but an inferior repair job looks terrible and can devalue your home.

Lakeland Stucco Repair Lakeland Fl know all the types of stucco and their application techniques, so your repair job blends seamlessly into the rest of your home’s exterior.

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What is Texture Coating?

Texture coating is an elastomeric or flexible finishing product that can repair stucco walls or used as a topcoat to update and protect older stucco walls. The coating is thick and made from acrylic or polymers that increase durability and allow the material to expand and contract without cracking.

Unlike paint, stucco repair Lakeland FL texture coating is also breathable, so moisture can move through the surface instead of getting trapped in the walls and framing, which can cause condensation damage.

Texture coating formulas are tintable, which means you can have it color-matched to your existing house exterior or create a custom-color that lets your home stand out from your neighbors.

The final finish can look different in thickness and texture from smooth to more deeply layered so you can achieve a contemporary or more rustic design aesthetic that best suits your home.

Texture coating application entails high-quality, commercial-grade equipment and sprayers like stucco repair companies Lakeland Fl should utilize on the job. The key to an excellent final look is in the evenness of application, which is why you should only hire a stucco repair company with highly-trained experts on staff.

Benefits of Texture Coating

Not all stucco repair companies have the skills or experience to apply texture coating, but the Lakeland Stucco Repair Lakeland Fl have the team to get it done right so you can enjoy these benefits:

  • No peeling, chalking, of bubbling of the surface
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Coatings with high build hide imperfections
  • Provides UV protection
  • Tintable to a specific color
  • Waterproof and resists driving rains
  • Resists growth of mold or mildew
  • Can help lower utility bills
  • Many coatings can last a lifetime, so you don’t ever need to paint

The excellent adhesion and flexibility of the coating create a thick barrier between your home’s exterior walls and both hot and cold weather extremes.

Standard house paint absorbs UV rays, and that heat also transfers to the interior of your home, meaning your air conditioner needs to cycle more often, which raises your utility bill.

Stucco Lakeland FL texture coating forms a UV shield around your home. The thick barrier on the surface can lower wall temperatures up to 40-degrees over paint. It can save you over 20-percent on cooling costs, according to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, part of the US Department of Energy.

Locate the Best Repair of Stucco Lakeland Fl

​Don’t settle for just any stucco repair companies Lakeland FL, as you may be disappointed with the results. To avoid problems, always use the Lakeland Stucco Repair Pros Lakeland FL for the best-looking and long-lasting repair to your home’s stucco exterior.