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Stucco is a popular exterior finish that’s widely used on properties in Lakeland, Florida and surrounding communities. Stucco not only enhances a property’s curb appeal, it’s also solid, durable, energy efficient, fire resistant, rot resistant and provides sound dampening as well. Made from Portland cement, sand, water and lime on a lath base, when it is properly maintained stucco can make your property look beautiful for years. At Hard Coat Stucco Repair, we know exactly what to do to solve any type of problem you are having with the stucco on your walls and keep them looking great for many years to come.

​A Well-Trained Team

At Hard Coat Stucco we have a well-trained, highly-skilled team of technicians who know exactly what to do to repair any issues people in Lakeland, Florida have with the stucco on their homes and businesses. We can quickly identify the source of the stucco damage problem and properly address it with the right repairs that will stand up for years. The stucco repair Lakeland FL properties commonly need requires knowledge of how deal with stucco and the skills to do the repairs properly. Our well-trained team of stucco repair specialists have the skills and expertise to do the repairs right.

​​Many Years Of Experience

We are the company to call to handle the stucco repair Lakeland FL properties often need. We have years of experience repairing all types of problems people in Lakeland, Florida have with the stucco on their homes and businesses. Whether the problem is staining, mold, efflorescence, decomposition, cracking, peeling paint, rot or bugs, we have years of experience solving all of them and making the proper repairs. We do more than just cover up the damaged stucco. We use proven techniques to repair the damage and prevent further deterioration of the stucco by getting rid of the moisture and contaminants that cause it.

The Right Tools And Materials

Proper stucco repair requires specialized tools and the right materials. Our stucco technicians have the latest, most effective tools and materials required to do stucco repair right. We use those tools to remove all damaged stucco and broken or rotted wood beneath it. Next, we put in the right materials to ensure the new stucco we put in is well supported and held in place properly. We then apply a water-resistant sealer that helps to keep moisture, mold and contaminants out of the new stucco and make it better able to stand up to Florida’s heat, humidity, salty sea air and heavy rains.

Proven Remediation And Repair Methods

Another reason we are the stucco contractors Lakeland FL property owners should call when they need stucco repair is because we use very effective, proven remediation and repair methods. While some of the other stucco repair companies Lakeland FL has may simply spray paint over damaged stucco and hide its problems, we take the time and do the work necessary to repair the damage and solve the problem. Often that requires us to remove discolored, waterlogged, mold and mildew infested stucco, repair any structural damage and install new stucco. This prevents the problem from reoccurring.

​We Reseal Damage Areas

As part of the stucco repair services we do on properties in Lakeland, Florida, we will thoroughly inspect the stucco and reseal any damaged areas. That means we will put in new stucco around the windows, flashing and joints, remove all damaged stucco, replace
it with new stucco and spray it with a moisture-proof sealant that will keep it dry, strong and attractive. We thoroughly inspect the entire property to find any areas where the stucco has become cracked waterlogged, contaminated and discolored. We ensure all those issues are properly addressed and the stucco is clean, strong and dry.

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We Fix The Underlying Issues

One thing that sets our stucco repair services apart from other stucco repair companies Lakeland FL has is we put in the time and effort needed to find and fix the underlying issues that led to the stucco problems. Often this means removing and replacing stucco siding that wasn’t installed properly and is therefore more susceptible to cracking, moisture damage, mold and mildew. We believe in doing a thorough job when we do stucco repair for our clients to ensure the property owner won’t have to fix the same problem time and again. We do the job right the first time.

We Repair Improper Stucco Installation

Often the stucco repair Lakeland FL property owners need is the result of improper stucco installation. Stucco is a very durable exterior wall covering. However, if it isn’t properly installed, serious problems can develop. They include water invading exterior walls, a musty odor on the stucco, ‘tears’, greenish-black stains, running down the wall, usually near the windows, caused by moisture intrusion, large cracks, as well as missing chunks of stucco. This usually signals moisture barriers were not installed. We are the stucco contractors Lakeland FL property owners can call to do moisture testing and repair all of those problems and more.

Quality Work At Affordable Prices

When they want a reliable, dependable, highly-skilled team to repair their stucco Lakeland FL property owners should call us. We have well-trained technicians with the proper certification, licenses, expertise and top quality tools and materials to do the job right. Plus, we have very affordable prices. The quality of our work, the excellent workmanship of our technicians and our affordable price combine to give customers great value for their money. When you want your stucco thoroughly inspected and properly repaired at prices you can afford, all you have to do is give us a call.

Warranties And Guarantees

We stand behind our work and use only the highest quality materials that come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Plus, we guaranty our work will look great and last for years. If you need repairs done to your stucco Lakeland FL property owners should contact Hard
Coat Stucco for a free consultation, price quote and excellent stucco repair at very affordable prices.